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Senator Bill Nelson in Meeting with Assad - Assad Shows His True Colors!

Senator Bill Nelson in Meeting with Assad - Assad Shows His True Colors!


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Senator Bill Nelson's meeting with Assad

Nelson's Visit to Damascus – Revealing, Clashes, Disagreements Showing Clear Signals that Negotiations with Syria are One Way.

Syria's arrogance and non cooperation highlighted

Reports from the region and reports from the Senator calling AP network news -the meeting did not go as smooth as once thought.

Some in the Press are describing the meeting as an utter disaster and failure, in which Syria's arrogance and non-cooperation were clearly displayed.

When the Senator said the US, and both sides of Capitol Hill - Democrats and Republicans are UNDIVIDED on its support of the Siniora government, in a Surprise move the Syrian President abruptly said that Syria flatly does not support the democratically elected government of Siniora.

Assad after the meeting called for no foreign intervention in Lebanon. This statement is shocking and reveals the true nature of negotiations with Syria. On one side Syria orders nations not to interfere with Lebanon, but while on the other side is interfering in Lebanon more than any other nation or even the Lebanese itself.

Syria withdrew its military from Lebanon last year after a successful attempts by the United States, France and the UN. But, retains an extensive amount of intelligence agents operating in the Country that have infiltrated the highest levels. These agents are clearly undermining the Democratically elected government of Lebanon. Syria, according to John Bolton and Press reports, are violating UN Resolution 1559 and 1701 by supplying arms to sides in Lebanon, and not respected Lebanon's Independence and Sovereignty. Syria also has not made any headway on opening an embassy in Lebanon and demarcating the border with Lebanon.

In an Associated Press report October 31, 2006

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, expressed concern that Syria and Iran are trying to destabilize Lebanon's democratically elected government by violating a UN arms embargo.

Bolton stressed on Monday that Syria's obligations to respect a UN arms embargo authorized by the August Security Council resolution that ended the 34-day conflict between Israel and Hezbollah "are particularly important as it is the one country other than Israel that borders Lebanon."
In a speech to the UN Security Council, Bolton welcomed the Lebanese government's extension of its authority throughout the south of the country for the first time in almost 40 years, as well as its army's deployment along the eastern part of the UN-drawn boundary with Israel and the border with Syria.

"Despite this advance, we continue to be concerned that Syria and Iran are actively trying to destabilize the democratically elected government of Lebanon ...," he said. "We call on Syria and Iran to abide by their bligations to respect Lebanon's sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence."
Bolton made the remarks to the closed-door council meeting on the implementation of Resolution 1559, which was adopted in September 2004 and called for the
extension of Lebanese authority throughout the south and the disarming of all militias in the country.

The Security Council said in a presidential statement at the end of the meeting that "important progress" has been made toward the implementation of Resolution 1559, particularly through the deployment of the Lebanese army in south Lebanon.

But the council also noted "with regret" that some provisions of the resolution have yet to be implemented, namely the disbanding of militias, strict respect for Lebanon's "sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence," and free and fair presidential elections "without any foreign interference and influence."

To further complicate matters - Hizbullah claims disputes with Israel over the Shebaa farms, but in reality the Lebanon's major border disputes are with Syria - in which no less then 36 areas of Lebanon are being occupied by Syria - this according to an official Lebanese Army Map.
In the Washington Post this morning the Clash of Different Minds and Approaches to Lebanon and the Region were highlighted:

"he (Senator Bill Nelson) acknowledged that he and Assad had "sharp differences" over U.S. support of the Lebanese government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, which Assad told Nelson he does not back, the senator said. They also had serious differences over Syria's support for Hezbollah and Hamas, which the United States considers terrorist organizations.

The Orlando Sentinel said in its edition this morning that:

"The Florida Democrat said the two clashed, though, on other Middle East issues, such as Syrian opposition to the Lebanese government."

As Nelson debriefed reporters by phone Wednesday morning from the U.S. embassy in Jordan, the White House put out a tough statement by President Bush calling for political prisoners to be released and saying "Syrians deserve a government whose legitimacy is grounded in the consent of the people, not brute force."

Nelson's office here in the United States clearly stated that the Senator wants to get this message across to All Lebanese Americans: In no way did he begin or entertain any negotiations on Lebanon’s Independence, In no way was this a meeting to negotiate away Lebanon’s future, and that the Senator clearly stated that both sides of Capital Hill supported a Free and Democratic Lebanon.

For its part the President of The United States came out in Support of Lebanon’s Freedom and Independence from foreign intervention yesterday. In a White House
Statement President Bush said the following:

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary

December 13, 2006

President's Statement on the Government of Syria

The United States supports the Syrian people's desire for democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression. Syrians deserve a government whose legitimacy
is grounded in the consent of the people, not brute force.

The Syrian regime should immediately free all political prisoners, including Aref Dalila, Michel Kilo, Anwar al-Bunni, Mahmoud Issa, and Kamal Labwani. I am deeply troubled by reports that some ailing political prisoners are denied health care while others are held in cells with violent criminals.

Syria should disclose the fate and whereabouts of the many missing Lebanese citizens who "disappeared" following their arrest in Lebanon during the decades of Syrian military occupation. The Syrian regime should also cease its efforts to undermine Lebanese sovereignty by denying the Lebanese people their right to participate in the democratic process free of foreign intimidation and

The people of Syria hope for a prosperous future with greater opportunities for their children, and for a government that fights corruption, respects the rule of law, guarantees the rights of all Syrians, and works toward achieving peace in the region.

Clearly Syria does not get the message on Lebanon from the Lebanese or the International Community. And, Clearly Senator Bill Nelson is getting the Message that Negotiations with Syria is One Sided.

Editor, WCCR