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“…Black Tuesday: Hezbollah’s state besieges Lebanon…”

“…Black Tuesday: Hezbollah’s state besieges Lebanon…”

On January 24, Al Mustaqbal, a pro-government, Hariri owned daily, said: “Yesterday is called Black Tuesday. Hezbollah’s smoke covered Lebanon and besieged the country from North to South, from the Bekaa to the coast. It turned out that the strike was nothing but a terrorist action that took the Lebanese people as hostages in the hands of the militias of Hezbollah and its affiliates…, one which burned tires, blocked the roads, smashed stores and the cars of the citizens in the name of the peaceful, democratic and civil strike which they talked about.

“Congratulations to you Hezbollah for this memorable day in which those you call the “men of Allah” proved that their primary enemy is not Israel but Lebanon with all its axes, components and free and proud people. In a few hours they managed to accomplish what Israel couldn’t in 33 days during the July war and emptied all the hatred they had in them. It is a day of victory for the Lebanese people. Congratulations to you Hezbollah on your leadership.

“This coup will remain engraved in the memories of the Lebanese people who were truly amazed by what they saw in terms of civilized [action], of courage and poise exerted by your men as they were holding the citizens hostages and preventing them from seeking their livelihood, the employees from reaching their places of work, the sick from reaching the hospitals and the children from reaching their schools. Thank you Hezbollah. It is truly the “ending” which you promised to the Lebanese people a few days ago. We only hope that it will not be the end of the beginning for Lebanon that will make January 23, 2007 like April 13, 1975.

“Thank you, the state of Hezbollah, which has “spread” in the regions and the bodies and tools of which have claimed the lives of three people in Tripoli and wounded 133 others. And finally, thank you Hezbollah, for bragging along with its affiliates about “completing their escalation step at this stage with great success”, announcing that they achieved “the desired goal”, and threatening to adopt “different forms of protest that will have a greater impact than what was adopted until this day”. Amid this climate, PM Fu’ad Al-Sanyurah assured that “we are standing together against intimidation and strife and are defending the interest of all the Lebanese”.

“He called on those partaking in the actions to “be aware of where you are wanted to be led, far from your real interest and that of the nation”. He considered in a press conference held yesterday at the Government House that “the strike has turned into practices and harassments which have exceeded all limits and brought back to mind the crisis of strife, war and tutorship”. He assured that “protesting by cutting the roads, assaulting property and threatening of continuing the escalation, is an assault against the citizens and democracy and predicts great dangers that are no secret to anyone”.

“The prime minister called for the return to dialogue in the context of the institutions and demanded the issuance of a decree to hold an extraordinary parliamentary session… In the meantime, the head of the “Democratic Gathering”, MP Walid Junblatt, said that “the issue is no longer that of besieging the Government House”. He said to Al Mustaqbal that: “Today we are witnessing the besieging of Beirut. The Beirut of Gamal Abdul Nasser and Rafik Al-Hariri. Beirut is besieged by the Syrian regime and Hezbollah and if the army doesn’t open the roads and lift the siege imposed on Beirut, I declare today that we are all detainees and are besieged in Beirut.

“Hence, I hope that the army realizes the seriousness of the siege imposed on the capital”… The March 14 Forces called upon all the Lebanese in a statement issued yesterday following their meeting “to defend their nation, their independence and freedom and to defend their legitimate government in the face of the insurrectionists who are carrying out a Syrian-Iranian plan aiming to undermine the international tribunal and its ruling in advance, as well as to undermine the Taif rule and its constitution”.

“The statement that was related by MP Wael Abu Faour from the Democratic Gathering after a meeting with PM Al-Sanuyrah at the Government House, confirmed the “determination of the March 14 Forces to protect these principles and lift the siege imposed on Beirut”. He called on the army and the security bodies to “perform their duties in this direction because if they don’t, the Lebanese people in all the regions are invited to be prepared for a historical stance to open the roads leading to the capitals”.

“In a message to the Lebanese people, the Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Qabbani, said that: “What the country is witnessing in terms of vandalism, mayhem and the violation of security, public safety and properties has surpassed the imagination and has exceeded all the limits of public freedoms. This has started to [prefigure] serious consequences, the most dangerous of which are those affecting civil peace”… He then reiterated that: “The attempt to topple the government through the street and the besieging of Beirut through violence, threats and oppression will not be allowed to pass by that easily regardless of the price, as God is my witness”.

“The tools of the terrorist coup had started their action at the break of dawn, whereby they started unloading the sand, burning tires and placing cement obstacles, garbage containers and wrecked cars on the entrances of the capital, as well as in its streets and neighborhoods and along the coastal road in the North, the South and the Beirut-Bekaa road… In the meantime, dozens of militia elements started wrecking the cars and the shops in a barbaric way and started provoking the safe citizens, which lead to confrontations with sticks and stone in more than one region.

“While confrontations and acts of vandalism were concentrated in several Christian areas, the Maroun Ar-Ras front moved to Jdeideh, Nahr Al-Mot, Nahr Al-Kalb, Tariq Al-Jdideh, Corniche Al-Mazraa, As-Siyad roundabout, Hazmieh, Rawcheh and Shtoura where Hezbollah elements shot at supporters of the Future movement and wounded three of them…” - Al Mustaqbal, Lebanon Click here for source