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MAPS - Lebanon Toll after a month of war - NYTimes / Sami Doun

The Toll After a Month of War

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Aug. 12 - In the first 30 days of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, more than 400 cities, towns and villages have been attacked, more than 50 in northern Israel and 350 across all of Lebanon.

Despite mounting an overwhelming number of strikes on infrastructure and people, Israeli forces have been unable to slow the daily barrage of rockets fired by Hezbollah.

The Israeli death toll is now more than 100. The number of Lebanese deaths, which officials put at more than 1,000, has been more difficult for officials to pin down because of inaccurate initial reporting, as well as because bodies are still being recovered. ARCHIE TSE NYTIMES

A small percentage of strikes could not be located on the map.

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