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Former Ambassador and Intelligence Chief interview on LBC TV

Former Ambassador and Intelligence Chief interview on Lebanese TV
Kalam Al Nass, Friday December 15th, 2006

In a revealing interview - Johnny Abdo, once considered for President Lahoud's replacement - before the Syrians reinstated Lahoud, Said in an Interview on LBC the following shocking statements:

- Hizbullah doesn't want 1/3 of the Government - they want it all, this is just the first step.

- Hizbullah / Iran / Syria they don't want a Presidential election - rather they want to stall the Presidential election when this Presidents term expires - to have a state without a head - further destabilizing the government for its ripe takeover.

- March 14 forces should not negotiate with Arab League Amr Moussa and Sudan envoy - this is just giving into their demands.

- If they keep saying that the March 14 are agents and spies of America and Israel and they say they want to make a unity government with us - then how can they make a unity government with spies? Thus they must not be telling us the truth.

- There should not be any more Dialogue Discussions - The Dialogue doesn't represent Lebanon - the Parliament represents Lebanon. Everything discussed in the dialogue has to get parliaments approval anyway. If you want to discuss issues such as the tribunal then they should tell the Speaker to Open a Session of Parliament, we meet, we discuss, and then we vote on it.

- Berri was selected by Hizbullah to be speaker and all other candidates were threatened - so this is proof that their arms are being used inside Lebanon - to intimidate the Lebanese.

- Nasrallah did a lot of favors to Syria and Iran with the July War, so if needed he can ask for a favor in return - so if Nasrallah wanted to help Lebanon then he could tell Syria to stop undermining Lebanon and give us our space to solve our own problems.

- They don't want to because they gave Hizbullah weapons for a reason - they (Iran/Syria) have a Master Plan.

- Abdo said that a politician told Nasrallah - do you know that the downtown is losing 70 - 80 Million $'s a month, and Nasrallah did not give a positive response.

- Abdo said that he doesn't think Hizbullah is going to attack the Grand Serial because if they did so it would spawn the Sunni's to respond, so they will use the Christian Aoun group so as to 1. separate the Christians and 2. not challenge the Sunni's.

- Abdo said that there will be more assassinations because Iran and Syria see this as the time. He said it is revealing that the killing is towards one side only.

- Abdo asked how can this government be unconstitutional? Constitution comes from experts; it's not up to Berri or Lahoud to interpret. But, if they think it is unconstitutional then why are they on the street? Means it is constitutional. Also, he asked how can it be unconstitutional when we had democratic elections, the UN supported, the world powers support?

- Abdo said you can't trust Aoun, because he agrees on one side and then on the other side he does what is good for his own personal goals. Even in France, he said that Aoun use to agree and then do otherwise. He said - remember Aoun's war in Souk El Gharb to liberate Lebanon from the Syrians and a lot of Lebanese died and look now he is defending Syria and Iran? When he was in France he accused Syria, now if someone is assassinated and they accuse Syria he comes out in defense of Syria.

- Abdo also said that when you ask Hizbullah about Hamas Government they say that they were elected by the people and thus are constitutional, but when you ask them about Siniora's elected government they say that they are not constitutional.