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New Series of (DID YOU KNOW!) By Tony Safa

New Series of (DID YOU KNOW!) By Tony Safa

Pro Syrian group accusing March 14 of arming themselves and letting member of el Qaeeda enter Northern Lebanon.

Did you know that aside from the Lebanese-Israeli borders, Lebanon has only 1 other border, the Lebanese-Syrian borders. Since Israel borders have long been closed, geographically the ONLY possible route for weapon or terrorist groups into Lebanon is through SYRIA.

Ironically the same pro Syrian groups in Lebanon reject all effort to control the Lebanese-Syrian borders (the deployment of UNIFIL troops…)

Is it coincidence ????
Iran claimed to defeat US in Lebanon

Syria accused Lebanon government as agents serving the western world and Israel
Lahoud confirm that 8 Adar groups are the allies of Iran Syria as they share the same views and he would step down only if Aoun to take his place.

Hassan Nosralla accused the Lebanese government as American puppets calling it (the Feltman's government)

Naaiem Qasem chanting death to America in downtown Beirut and 8 Adar including Tayyar repeat after him

Aoun accused both Bush and France president of working against the Lebanese opposition 8 Adar and the Lebanese government as agents to foreign countries. Aoun also claimed that The Iranian ambassador and Syria are not getting involved in domestic Lebanese affair!!!

Tayyar MP. Nabil Naoula blamed the Lebanese government for not demanding Israel compensation after the July war between Hezbollah and Israel.

Did you know that according to United Nation Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 and Hezbollah arm presence is Lebanon is illegal. in addition, the United Nation hold Hezbollah (Tayyar ally) responsible for starting the July war.

Tayyar, SSNP (Syrian Social National Party), Marada, Hezbollah... (all 8 Adar) have protested in front of the Lebanese justice system demanding the truth in Pierre gemayel investigation and all other March 14 martyrs!!

Did you know that 1 week ago the Lebanese justice system have arrested 7 members of SSNP who will be sentenced to life in prison for attempting to murder Martyr Pierre Gemeyal and his father in North Lebanon (sheka)...!!!!! in addition, the militia of Hezbollah has security areas in Lebanon where Lebanese police are not permited...

Did u know SSNP members arrested in the killing of Bachir and Pierre Gemayel !!!

Is it coincidental?
The same day the Iranian Atomic negotiator, Ali Larijani, visited Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah announced that “Saudi Arabia's efforts in Lebanon are constructive and that they “Hezbollah” are not against Paris 3”

A day after Tayyar announced: “we hope Paris 3 would be successful”.
Did you know that both Hezbollah and Tayyar have totally rejected Paris 3 up to Ali Larijani's visit to Saudi Arabia?

Hezbollah, who rejects the infidels' money, and promise to rebuild Lebanon from 'Holly money', apparently, is now accepting other currency…!!!

Tayyar, accusing the government of corruption and loyal to foreign countries, is hoping the same government get more money!!!!

Both Tayyar and Hezbollah hope what they call the unconstitutional, corrupt and Feltmen’s government gets more money!!!!

In addition, Hezbollah and Tayyar are helping the government by running an open protest in downtown Beirut shutting down business and threatening of shutting down the airport and all vital roads…

Tony Safa Independent Political Advisor